Corporate Profile

The Group is a well-established integrated logistics solution provider founded in Malaysia with over 15 years of history. It principally provides comprehensive international freight services, transportation services as well as warehousing services to customers worldwide. The Group’s services can be presented as follows:

Air/sea freight forwarding
and related services


providing import and export international freight services by air and sea, arranging customs clearance, preparation of freight documentation and cargo handling at ports as well as supporting transportation (includes trucking, haulage and value-added services) and warehousing services as part of the comprehensive services.

Trucking services


transport cargo from designated locations in Malaysia to ports for exports, and vice versa for imports. It includes general trucking, bonded trucking and value added services such as tracking and tracing of cargo.

Warehousing services


providing warehousing services in free commercial zone to customers. Value-added services such as providing supply chain management, picking and packing will also be provided upon request by customers.